Bible Intake (Part 1)

This post was previously published by me on another blog. Due to its relevance, I’ve included it here.

In keeping with the concept of my giftedness, I thought I might try something out. For those of you who are interested, this was written some time ago by me and posted on a site which I lovingly began a year ago. Titus 2 Forum was my idea for a women’s Bible study and reading development and encouragement site. It never got off the ground too much, and if you went there you’d see I was largely the only poster there. 😛

However, I enjoyed the process very much. The next few entries of this nature will come from that site. See what you think and, please, give feedback! I’d love to hear what you have to say. This first one is a basic, easy introduction to Bible Intake.

There is this discipline that many refer to as Bible Intake. There are, I believe, several key parts to this practice.

One of the parts is Bible Reading. Do you read your Bible? Many people would say they occasionally pick up their Bible to get a little reading in. Some would say they do it daily. Awesome, I say. Any time someone picks up their Bible, you have to be excited about that. Right, ladies?

Terrific! You pick up that Bible, and then. . .

Consider the following:

Why am I reading?

What am I reading?

Who wrote this, and who read it?

What is the function of Bible reading in my life?

Is reading different than Bible study? How is it different?

What are you reading these days, ladies? What has God shown you in the things you’ve read?

Where is your struggle in Bible reading?

Does the blogging community serve you in this area?


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