Bible Study (Part 1)

This entry was previously published by me on another blog. Due to its relevance, I have included it here.

This entry is a continuation of “reprints” from the Titus 2 Forum Discussion Board.

Bible study doesn’t always get a fair shake, in my opinion. Some say it requires a stack of books from table top to ceiling, while others say the Bible is all you need. Some say it should be academic in nature, while others say it should be more carefree and fluid. A few would tell you these are things best left to the “experts” and pastoral-types. I know those who would say anyone can do it, even a cave woman.  😉

In my opinion, this particular practice is very different from Bible reading. It is different from listening to a sermon extracted from the Bible. This is a very unique activity to include in your everyday life. I challenge you to think about it as your very special opportunity to interact with God over His expressed will. His will is expressed? We can actually know what His will is? Yes, we can! We can know what God thinks and feels. We can know what His truth, love, and power really is. He will tell us who He is, and tell us how He feels about us, too. Sure, there is silence in Scripture on things here and there, but there’s a whole lot more of what He says than what He doesn’t say.  😉

So, let’s consider:

What is Bible Study?
How does it function in our life?
Is there really any example of study in the Bible?
Am I expected to study?
What are the benefits of studying the Bible regularly?
What are the costs of studying the Bible?
What if I never study the Bible?
How do I study the Bible?
Is there a right and wrong way to study?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! There’s so much to this particular pursuit of God! And, it’s a beautiful one to examine. What would happen if we all considered studying on a regular basis? How would we, our families, our friends, and the world be impacted?


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