Bible Study (Part 2)

This entry was published previously by me on another blog. Due to its relevance, I am including it here.

In keeping with the theme of the week (testing out my giftedness), I’m adding another entry related to yesterday’s Titus 2 entry. I hope these are enjoyable or profitable or a blessing to you in some way. Please be sure to let me know what you think. That blesses me so much.  :’)

So, we begin to explore Bible study as a discipline.

What is Bible study?
First and foremost, this is a very personal question. We’ve made a distinction between Bible reading and study, but there is no formal definition for this particular area yet. Can we agree it’s an interaction with Scripture on a different level than reading? Can we also agree that this interactive process has as many shades of difference as there are individuals on the planet?

Webster’s defines study as

1 : a state of contemplation: REVERIE  2 a : application of mental faculties to the acquisition of knowledge  b : such application in a particular field or to a specific subject  c : careful or extended consideration  d (1) : a careful examination or analysis of a phenomenon, development, or question. . .

The intriguing thing about Webster’s entry is that it mentions the word is from the root studere, meaning to devote oneself. That thought in itself gives me pause. What do you think about that? When you open the Bible to study it, perhaps you might consider devoting yourself to it, and pray about what that looks like in your own life.

For some, pulling out reference books and resources is the visual they have for study. For others, it’s about a slow, methodical, deep meditation. Some think they can only devote hours. Some feel blessed to get a few less-distracted moments. I don’t believe any of these responses is entirely wrong. I only believe we step across a line when we impose God’s leadership in our lives on someone else in a strong and unfounded way. (Insert warning about legalism here.)

So, what is Bible study? I believe Bible study is the beautiful, God-led, intimate interaction with Scripture during which we seek to know the truth of God, experience His love, and see His power in that Scripture and, ultimately, in our own lives. It yields a sound understanding of His truth, will, and purpose for our lives. We become familiar with who He is. . .who we are. . .and the relationship between us as God and man.

I’m going to rest this topic here. I hope it’s a springboard for your own personal pondering. Feel free to comment and to share what Bible study is to you. We might all be blessed!

Have a wonderful day, friends!


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