Bible Study (Part 7)

This entry was previously published by me on an old blog. Due to its relevance, I have included it here.

Good morning, everyone. I’m praying you’re having a day with God that reminds you specifically how blessed and highly favored you are! That’s my prayer for you today. I hope this blog continues to be a blessing to you.

Today’s topic can be a wonderful exchange, if you’d like. The topic is one we can probably all identify with on one level or another, and it would be interesting to know some “cost” challenges you face each day. This does two things: it helps us know we’re not alone, and gives us a chance to pray for one another. (Always a blessing!)

What are the Costs of Studying the Bible?
This topic has the potential to get a quick answer when we read it. We can list a few off the top of our heads if we’re pressed. Surely, we can come up with a list of things it will cost us:

Our time is valuable. Spending time in the Bible means time is subtracted from one thing and added to our study time. I think we would all agree it costs us to use our time in whichever activities we choose. Do I have the time to put into this in addition to my other “stuff” I’ve got going on?

Our effort is consumed in study to a degree. I mean, if I put some real effort into study, my mind has been occupied, my attention has been consumed, and I am possibly emotionally consumed. This part of the cost deals with my energy. At times, I may be recharged, or I may be consumed. With all the other activities and responsibilities, do I have anything left to sink into this thing?

What about the cost I encounter when I run into truths in passages that don’t line up with my life as I’m living it at that moment? There’s a hidden time, energy, and emotion vacuum right there, isn’t there? There is a cost I face at the moment of decision. Which choice will I make? Do I have what it takes to do that on a regular basis? Am I up for the “cost” of finding out my ways are not aligned with God’s ways?

There is the relational cost, too. Goodness, I should be relating to God and others differently as a result of spending time in the Word. That may or may not go well in the end. What’s right isn’t always popular, and what’s popular isn’t always right. While it may be a blessing with some, this could create tension with people, and that’s another time, energy, and emotion vacuum just waiting to happen.

What are your costs? Have you counted them? In light of cost-benefit analysis, where do you find yourself landing on this practice?

One of my favorite passages in Scripture is when Jesus talks about the cost of being a disciple (Luke 14:25-34). The grouping of verses is really interesting, and they would make a great study in themselves. He wasn’t talking about Bible study in that moment. He was talking about the cost of following Him. Following Jesus has the biggest cost of all. It makes my Bible study costs look pretty insignificant, as I see it. Still, it may be wise to count the costs, and know what we’re up against as we think about study.

I look forward to reading about your challenges today! Thanks for participating in this blog!

Love and a blessed weekend to you all!


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