Bible Study Methods (Part 1)

This post was published previously by me on another blog. Due to its relevance, I have included it here.

Hello, friends! I hope you are well this morning. I heard from Jenn there are still aftershocks happening in her world, so I’m refraining from saying, “What’s shakin’?”  (Love you, Jenn!) Today I’m praying you will be moved by the Holy Spirit to seek something new in the Word today, even if it is a brief time.

We are going to turn a corner now in this blog.  (“And there was much rejoicing!”) To this point, I’ve felt a few things going on. The first is that I was building the case for Bible study.  I didn’t ignore this step for several reasons, one of which is presenting the validity in the whole process first. Seeing the importance of study is the first step to desiring it, in my mind. So, I probably preached to the choir a bit. And, that was the second thing I felt took place. Many people reading it probably felt it was nothing new, and continually shook their heads in agreement. (What a lovely thought if that happened.) It’s okay. Solomon beat me to that punch. There really isn’t anything new under the sun, and I’ve accepted that.  *grin* I conclude that the introduction to this topic has been thoroughly flogged…uhhh…discussed. I hope you agree, because I am done reiterating the defense.  😉

At this point, I am convinced, so I feel my personal walk with Him in this is more complete. I hope you’ve walked with Him a bit and had a pleasant dialogue with Him on how study fits with you these days.

Can we get to the more interesting part of this now?  *very big grin*

Let’s interact over the idea of methods of study. Some of us know the big words to describe the methods of study, and some don’t. I personally feel it’s nice to identify the method and be clear on what we’re doing so we can communicate with others who wish to know, but I don’t think we need to get hung up on all of it. For those who want to know the terms or know them already, it’s useful. Not knowing doesn’t ruin this a bit!

The first thing I want to do is explore what we collectively know. Do you mind? Would you share what comes to mind as you read the following questions?

What is a Bible study method?
Can you name some methods with which you are familiar?
Are there good and bad methods?
What is your personal favorite method of study?

Yes, I’m hoping to strike up some dialogue on the blog for a reason. This has the potential to really bless us all with some insight into the possibilities. I don’t know them all. I haven’t tried them all. I have a personal method that is yet unnamed that I prefer. (It’s a mix of things.) And, I don’t think we use the same things all the time. (Boy, I hope not. I’d lose interest fast in drudgery!)

Please feel free to share!

Blessings to you in your day today!


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