Calling All Students of the Word!

This entry was previously published by me on another blog. Due to its relevance, I have included it here.

Hi, friends! I had this fantastic idea. Let’s test its fantastic-ness in the real world now. Let me know what you think about it.

I would like to see if anyone is willing to submit a write up of her favorite study method. Maybe it’s a method that’s been in the Bible Study Methods section already. That’s fine. I’m sure you’ll have a lovely way of sharing how it works for you, or the various “tweaks” you’ve built in over time. Consider sharing how your study has developed, too, over time. That might be a fantastic submission as well.

I like the idea of focusing on Bible Study Methods for now. But, I really like the idea of ladies sharing when it comes to the Bible Study Ideas series as well.

What do you think? Are you up for sharing a little of how God has blessed this area of your life?

If you decide to submit something, just PM it to me. We’ll take it from there.

Love you, ladies! Thanks for considering this. I just know this has huge potential to bless the author and the audience.  😀


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