Bible Study Methods (Part 6)

This entry was previously published by me on another blog. Due to its relevance, I have included it here.

LifeChurch.TV includes in its mission statement a specific focus on leveraging technology. No, it’s not about dabbling in the novelty of it. This is about seeing how very serviceable it can be in the hands of those who love and serve God. So, their technological leverage should not be surprising, since they are so serious about it.

First, you can go to LifeChurch.TV and see how they’ve used it to structure an online campus (fully interactive, too). That has fabulous parts to it to begin with, but then they have other little “hidden nuggets” around the site in addition to that.

I found their little tool called “YouVersion” there, and I’m loving it! Not all that different from some of the resources, this is directly tied to the LifeChurch.TV resources and community. As you begin to study, you can use the Bible Reader, select your Bible translation, read your passages, and then read others’ thoughts or add your own. I really like it for where I am right now. It’s nice that the archived messages are “tied” to their passages, so good teaching is available as you study.

I know this isn’t exactly a thorough review, and it’s not exactly my normal blog entry. I just thought you might want to know about it.

Have a fabulous weekend, ladies!


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