The Why, the Truth, and the Life

Hello, friends.

You might be wondering why the blogosphere needs another microscopic url in the vastness of it all. The truth of the matter is, while the endlessly cluttered blogosphere may not, I need it. This is my little corner of it all, my little puddle where I can splash and play and puddle jump.This is my place to think deeply, wrestle with and embrace simple spiritual truths, and explore the things I believe my God is leading me to seriously contemplate.

So, to make this clear, this blog will be about my very real, ongoing, intentional, loving relationship with my God. He is, after all, the reason for what I do. He is my breath, my life, my all. For those who live a vibrant, authentic relationship with God, you may know what I mean. For those who don’t or aren’t sure, that’s the truth of it, and it’s good to know where you are. Take that knowledge…play in the splashes of truth…see if you catch the light off a ripple or two. You are more than welcome here, too, if you choose to come.

Please don’t think this will be some kind of dry, surface irrelevance. That’s not who I am. Those who know me might say I splash around in humor fairly often. I’ve come to learn I just have to laugh at myself and a good deal of my circumstances daily. Without a little laughter, I might just melt into one very muddy puddle. I’m just saying that navigating life, for me, just has to be with Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life  (John 14:6). I personally want to find Jesus in my Bible daily, thinking deeply about the simple truths I read. I hope to maintain a rich relationship with my God through his expressed will that I can read at any moment. The truth can be known, and I’m excited about that. The abundant life in relationship with Jesus can be experienced. I’m more excited about that!

So, now you know my ‘why’ for this blog. You know I’ll be plunging into truth. Friends, any time you plunge into something, it’s bound to make a bit of a splash. That’s my hope for my own life. I hope the truth splashes that take place here would just get all over me. Let me become truth-saturated more and more with every splash!

The ripples? I hope that is the gentle effect this blog might have on those around me. A few may read this blog and find wonderful splashes of truth for their lives. Awesome! Many more will never read my blog, but I hope the simple truths I enjoy and embrace here will transform me and touch others whenever they are near.


3 Responses to “The Why, the Truth, and the Life”

  1. P* Says:

    LOVE it!:o)

  2. Michele Says:

    I love it my dear friend and can not wait to come and get REFRESHED from all that the Lord reveals to you and uses you to speak to all of us!!!!!! I have been contemplating starting another blog as well with Word Press. I already set up my account and am just waiting fro the right time to get it going…..thinking more like an online magazine format! Maybe we can spring board off each other….
    Facebook has taken me away from blogging and I truly miss it so much. I am praying about getting back into my blogging.
    I look forward to checking in here often, thanks for letting me know about it!!!!

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