An Invitation

Hello, friends!

I thought I would begin this blog by processing a very special book I’ve read recently and will be exploring with a group of ladies early in 2010 at my church. It’s exciting to think that I’ve been given the opportunity to be used in the lives of other women in a teaching capacity. As far as I have experienced teaching, women will be wonderful! (What a far cry from instructing two active, young boys!) 🙂

So, are you wondering where I’ll be looking for the next set of splashes? If you haven’t read this book, it just might qualify as a “must read” for nearly everyone who trusts and follows Christ daily. The book I’ll be drawing from for new splashes of truth will be Jan Johnson’s Invitation to the Jesus Life: Experiments in Christlikeness. I promise you this book can be used in a receptive person’s life in amazing ways, given a little time and attention. There is amazing potential to step outside of our normal frame of reference and step into something deeply relational, uniquely precious, and decidedly “rippley” in effect! You might love this. I know I really, really did when I read it the first time.

I’m offering an invitation to this book (if you choose to pick it up), to this blog (if you choose to read my ponderings), or to the splashes I’ve already written while you’re waiting (see the sidebar for Splashes You Can’t Miss).

Enjoy splashin’ around with me, if you like!


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