God in Community…the Ripple

I wasn’t quite ready to leave the last post alone. I had a question that continued to wash in waves over and over in my mind when I finished it. It’s one of those simple questions that has far-reaching implications. See what you think.

How should my life be different on a day to day basis because I know God exists in community?

See, when we spend time considering the depths of the Trinity, we accumulate knowledge. Knowledge is a beautiful thing. Something I think we can’t ignore, though, is the transformation of our lives after such a thing. I know I want to love God with all I’ve got. Matthew 22:37 offers a plumb line standard: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'”

Consider loving God with everything you’ve got. How exactly might you love your heavenly Father with all your heart, soul, and mind? How would you love your Lord Jesus in that way? Could you think of ways to show love to the person of the Holy Spirit in the same way?

Here are some ideas:

  • Read, study, or memorize passages that speak to the persons of the Trinity
  • Spend time in worship with songs which specifically offer truths about the persons of the Trinity
  • Spend time in prayer talking specifically to each person of the Trinity
  • Meditate on God existing in community–no hierarchy, no competition, happy submission, and complete intimacy
  • Think about God in community–and his choice to invite us into that community

The ripple effect? Can you see it? It’s there.

We as followers of Christ would have to be different if we spent time in worship, prayer, and godly meditation. We will never fully grasp every aspect of our God, and the Trinity is definitely a mystery. But, as we interact personally with each person of the Trinity, we are changed. I’m convinced of it! We will know our God more and more as he intended us to know him. Our relationship with God will be richer and deeper for the time we spend in the Bible, in worship, in prayer, and in deep thought about the truths we find.

The ripple effect will happen as your relationship with God becomes real…deep…effective…transformational. When people around you come in contact with that in your life, they slip into the gentle ripples you’re making. You aren’t transforming them (let’s save that for the Lord to do in their lives), but you sure can be the steadfast believer that catches their eye. Or, perhaps you’ll have a droplet of truth to share in someone’s life as a result of this “thinkin’ time” you’ve taken.

Can I dare you to spend some time on this? How about a double-dog dare?   😉


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2 Responses to “God in Community…the Ripple”

  1. P* Says:

    You did NOT just say, “double dog dare”, did you?;)
    Seriously…awesome post, J*!

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