Speaking the Truth in Love

As part of my continuing journey through Jan Johnson’s Invitation to the Jesus Life, I’m moving from chapter two (God with Us) to chapter eight (Speaking the Truth in Love). I have mixed emotions about this one. I love this chapter…and I am challenged to my very core, provoking deep thought and a tougher emotional response.

The tension immediately created in my soul is over how the “speaking the truth in love” verse has been used (Ephesians 4:15). People wield dangerous “truth swords” to inflict great pain in the name of Christ. Others, with loving intentions, soften and compromise the truth, emptying it of any power or conviction. It’s possible to devastate everyone around us by either method. If I’m honest, I am guilty of both in varying degrees at different times.

As I start unpacking this chapter, there are certain words that will come up repeatedly. Jan Johnson has a way with words, and the vocabulary that’s coming includes truth, love, contempt, judgment, self-examination, and practicing the presence of God. Oh, just wait until we get into this chapter! It promises to challenge you, too, as deeply as it does me, I think.

Are you ready?

(Yes, this is a “teaser” post, and I’m completely aware of it.)  😉

I can’t wait to dive in!


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2 Responses to “Speaking the Truth in Love”

  1. P* Says:

    I really need to get this book (lol!)!:o)

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