The First Splash

Of all the splashes that will ever be, one just has to be first. It’s the first truth droplet that makes the all-important first set of ripples in a person’s life. This is the truth that changes everything!

I have to be sure this one simple truth, the first splash, is treated with care and attention. This little droplet appears so small and insignificant…until it’s right on top of you. Suddenly, all you can see is the light magnified, playfully reflected and refracted throughout the droplet. It’s so bright, you’ll be drawn or you’ll be tempted to look away, but you’ll be sure to do one or the other. This is the “given” of truth. We embrace it, or we reject it.

Many of my readers know exactly which droplet I’m referring to on this page. They examined the droplet. They spent time considering the splash this droplet makes. They embraced it and found a life they love because the thirst-quenching droplet splashed into their hearts and changed everything! Ask someone who has thoroughly enjoyed the first splash, and they’ll tell you it has made all the difference. If they won’t tell you, I will! It does.

So, what is the first splash? The first droplet of truth ready to splash right into the depths of your soul is simply this: you were made for something more, and there’s a problem.

When we look around this world, it seems so obvious it’s just a little out of whack. Just when we thought we knew which direction was up, the difference between right and wrong, the thing we were made for in this life–it seems to be turned upside down. We end up like a drowned rat in a heap watching every other competitor seemingly finish the race strong. How can our hopes and dreams just spiral down the drain right before our eyes? Almost daily we all might be tempted to scream at the top of our lungs, “This isn’t FAIR!” That would actually be a very natural response–and one many of us have had long after the age of two. So, what does it mean to be made for something more?

Check out the Bible. The book of Genesis clearly states there was something before this place we know, something much more wonderful than we can even imagine even with the best examples in national parks and glorious sunsets. There was perfection (Genesis 1), and then there wasn’t (Genesis 2-3). It was that first disobedience that led to the world we see now (Genesis 3), and it’s what we’ve seen for generations.

The first splash? Mankind was the crowning glory of God’s creation (Genesis 1:27-31) with complete freedom to choose God’s loving instruction or something else, and that’s where it all changed. Isaiah put it beautifully at God’s prompting, “We all like sheep have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way” (Isaiah 53:6).

The brilliantly sparkling truth droplet to consider is in that nugget up there. We will either embrace it or not, but we will have to decide what to do with it. The truth is God made this world and everything in it (referenced in Genesis) and intended for us to live with him in perfection from the beginning. But, all of us have a penchant  for rejecting his ways. Who of us can say we’ve never done a single wrong? Who can say they have not offended the holy, perfect, and perfectly just God who made us? The smallest white lie or the deepest, darkest wrong we keep hidden from everyone we know, something is between us and the perfect, holy God who made everything. That’s the truth. We have a problem, and it’s not pretty.

When you’re ready, go to the second splash.


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